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Do I need a lawyer for injuries (fractured sternum)?

Recently I was involved in a head on collision and suffered a fractured sternum. The accident was not my fault, and I was a passenger. My car's driver was not at fault. However, the other driver left the scene. My driver has insurance, but we are not sure if the other driver has insurance. He had left the...

Answers (3):

1. Hrēodbēorð
You seem to have a legitimate case, but you don't seem to have a defendant to sue, such as the driver of the other car. Was he caught? If so, by all means get a lawyer and go after him. If it is the insurance company you are worried about paying for your injuries, you might also need an attorney, but only if they balk at paying you fair restitution (which is debatable). A lawyer could get you lifetime medical benefits stemming from the accident. If I were you, I would seek the help of a lawyer who will represent you on a contingency basis, meaning he doesn't get anything unless he wins. But beware of "ambulance chasers," as most of them are from the bottom of the heap. You can, in general, check an attorney's record online at your state bar association's Website for disciplinary actions and sometimes look his name up online if your courts allow computer access to cases by name. And of course there's always Google. You'd be surprised what you can find out about attorneys via the Internet.
2. car05161967
Not without a lawyer. Because, While the other driver didn't stick around, his insurance company's lawyers will try do a number on you, as to getting any financial settlement reduced or nullified.
3. TopAnswer
You should be careful if you think you would like to involve a lawyer. The insurance of injuries are quite high and the ambulance billing is also unexpected so please check out http://www.ambulancebillingtips.com before you take another action. I'm sure they have answers knocking on your door for you.

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