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Christians, in the (obviously fictional) movie The Devil's Advocate, these bible quotes are used to suggest NY is demon-filled. Thoughts?

"Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great. It has become a dwelling place of demons"
Rev 18:2

Could this be said of any cities today, and why?

Answers (5):

1. Yorkshire Lass
In communities where many deny the authority of God and follow their own preferences, whims and comfortable morality, or lack of it, you will find that Satan's henchmen are living there happily and subtly influencing others to shun or deny God and his Holy authority.

Whatever we do in life, whatever style we adapt, whatever motive that governs us, we are showing some kind of spiritual bias or leaning, which can be of God or of Satan his opposer. We cannot sit on the fence, all through life we are making choices in our behaviour and attitudes, and how we spend our time, effort and money.

It is not generally known, but there are demons in some churches where some of the congregation have never handed over their heart and life to Christ for his spiritual cleansing power. Until we make Jesus our saviour and Lord, saved from his power, we are easy pickings for Satan who is the great hood-winker and deceiver. Jesus warned that not all those who appear to pray, worship and use his name are actually following him!
2. Son Of God
New York is a great city. Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated with NYC and had many posters and computer wallpapers depicting majestic skyline of NYC which is now little disturbed because demons attacked on 9/11.
3. Oleg
In many movies New York is depicted as the New Babylon.
The statue of Liberty is in fact a statue of a pagan deity, Ishtar associated with Babylon.
Babylon was called confusion, so it is New York as representative of New York is the place where most nations are mixed.

By the Bible it would be burned by fire.

Example of movies depicting NY as Babylon: Metropolis,
where also an evil robot is burned by fire.
4. Tom
The Bile is an obvious fictional story book written by con men to get rich off the unbelievable amount of uneducated people who lived at the time, and it worked and they are still getting richer because of brainwashing through inculcation!!!
5. Donna
I live in NY, no demons here.

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