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Cheap Lawyer for Drinking Ticket? (Charlotte, NC)?

I'm 19 and recently recieved a citation for underage consumption of alcohol. I haven't had any other charges/convictions relating to this in the past, just speeding tickets. I spoke with one attorney who gave me a quote of $375 not including court costs - that's way too expensive. Anyone know of a...

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Answers (3):

1. bottleblondemama
Keep in mind you get what you pay for...if you hire a bargain basement lawyer to represent you, expect to get bargain basement representation.

DUI is a very serious offense and in some states it is a felony, even on the first offense, and can prevent you from finding a job for the next 10 years, as it is 100% legal to discriminate on the basis of criminal convictions.

If you want to get at good lawyer, expect to pay $800 for their fees, not including Court Costs for a first offense. You could still end up paying a fortune for rehab even with insurance and also be sentanced to AA meeting several times a week, all the while during when your driver's license will be automatically suspended for no less than 90 days, unless you have an exceptional lawyer who can plead the charges down to wreckless driving.
2. handsofgold79
I wouldnt go cheap on that one cause if you have a license at all they will take it away for a few yrs since you were underage
3. tigerg33
what do you need a lawyer for? just pay the citation and be on your way.

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