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Can you recommend a father friendly lawyer in Chicago IL?

My husband is petitioning for custody and so far the bio mom is in agreement - we are drawing up our own documents since we are all in agreement, but we want to hire a lawyer to look them over and point out any issues we may have and address any potential problems in case sh changes her mind at the last minute in...

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Answers (3):

1. nursecracker
try Barnes & Thornburg. they have a lot of attorneys in their downtown chicago location.

(once the case goes to court, the JUDGE will be the determining factor... she can't change her mind then, i don't believe)
2. Jason m
I would check out this site I have attached below. Like any other state, there are attorneys that mainly practice family law. I would search through the sites the search produces and make an informed decision based upon the information you read.....Good luck.

Use this search term: Chicago family lawyer representing fathers
3. Rudai B
I would look for a custody lawyer that specializes in paternity rights (father). The famliy laws in most states are slanted against fathers. Child custody is not something you want to mess around with.

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