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Can anyone recommend an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Miami, FL?

I have decided to file for bankruptcy, however, I don't know how to go about it. I also don't have much money, given why I am filing for bankruptcy, and I need help finding an affordable attorney. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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1. Marianne
Contact the Dade County Bar Association

Dade County Bar Association
123 NW First Avenue, Suite 214
Miami, Florida 33128
Phone: (305) 371-2220

Ask them first about Legal Aid. If you fall within a certain income you could qualify for legal assistance. They are completely capable of filing a Chapter 7 and do so all the time.

If you want to do a Chapter 13, or if you don't qualify every bankruptcy attorney is required to give you a quote for their legal services within 5 days of your initial consultation. That is the law. Most attorneys will offer a free consultation, so if it won't bore you to death you can go to several lawyers to shop around and get the best price.

The new bankruptcy law doesn't allow quotes over the phone, but some attorneys will still give you one.

Good luck!
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Can anyone recommend an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Miami, FL?


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