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Can a lawyer or someone please explain this to me in simpler terms?

someone is suing us but we just got this letter in the mail and it states, "Now comes Plaintiff though its attorney of record and says it does not desire at this time to prosecute this suit against Defendant(s) and notifies the court of Non-Suit of the immediate case without prejudice to its cause of acton,...

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Answers (3):

1. Ben
The Plaintiff has decided not to bring suit against you at this time, but reserves the right to bring suit against you at a later date on the merits of this case.

EDIT: Of course, if the merits of your case support the countersuit. Consult an attorney who can give you info with legal accuracy and tell you definatively whether you have a solid case.
2. Filet O' Fish
they are no longer going to sue you. the "without prejudice" language means that they will not be precluded from bringing the case at a later time. the TRCP is a citation to the rule of civil procedure which allows them to do this
3. Love Canada.
They changed their minds