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Any one know a real good lawyer?

Here's the deal I let some one take over payments on my vehicle. That person made regular payments on the vehicle 4 while (this wasn't a written agreement). Until I received a call from a friend saying that it look like my vehicle was being towed. I tried calling that person who was taking over the...

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I don't believe it's going to take a cream-of-the-crop lawyer to assist you with this kind of problem. It's hard to tell exactly what you'll be wanting the lawyer to do for you - assist in getting your car back, or civilly defending yourself against liability claims from non payment on the car, or being held responsible for tow and impound bills, etc? No matter. The thing you can do is first ask around from others if they can recommend an attorney in your community. If you can't do that, then your phone book yellow pages, under the heading of Attorneys, will have a number for a Lawyer Reference Service, and you can touch bases with them first to get a referral.

Before going to speak with an attorney, save yourself a little time and money and be prepared. Gather all the paperwork on the car that you have. Registration or pink slip, whatever you have to show that it's either yours or not. Be prepared to discuss who the person is that was supposed to be making payments. Find out how the car left their possession and ended up with someone who was arrested. Come to your attorney with as much information as you can in order to get the best advice, in the shortest and most economical time. And then you must decide whether the attorney can truly help you or not.

You probably know already that you made a serious error in giving the car to someone else with an unwritten agreement about payments, etc. If you are still on title to the car - the person that the law would regards as still the legal owner - you are exposed to liability in regards to how the car was driven, any damage it caused, impound fees, and maybe more.

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