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Coye Law Firm in Orlando, FL Sometimes, You Need Justice.If you are reading this then likely you need a lawyer and you are trying to make the right decision about who to hire. First, a bit about me. I'm married to my wife Joan and have five children. They are the most important thing in my life. I grew up on a dairy farm in Central New York State, served in the United States Army Infantry, have worked for to United States Members of Congress and have practiced law for over 25 years. Oh, by the way, like all lawyers, I have an undergraduate degree and a law degree, receiving both from the University at Buffalo. I have built a very unique team of legal professionals that excel at a variety of cases. Most, including my partner Dan Smith started with me as undergraduates and continued working for Coye Law Firm through law school. We handle a variety of complex and sometimes fairly simple legal matters ranging from Injury Law cases, job injuries (workers compensation), social security disability, veterans disability, probate and family law. If there is an area we handle particularly well it would be cases where many aspects of the law are involved. Some matters are complex because they are in another state, sometimes because they involve many different legal systems designed to do different things. Our coordination of the various laws is done to maximize our clients financial recovery. We handle cases in many different geographic areas and have clients throughout the United States and Europe. In many cases we have clients who have traveled to Florida for Vacation and some type of legal problem has developed. In other cases our client is from Florida and has traveled to another State and has some type of legal problem that requires help.

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Address: 930 Vassar St, Orlando, FL 32804

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