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A Abatement Of Action Bankruptcy Attorney in Fresno, CA USA

My name is Timothy C. Springer. I am a Fresno Bankruptcy Attorney, with extensive experience filing bankruptcy cases here in Fresno, California. As I have often written in many places. you need to hire an EXPERIENCED Fresno Bankruptcy Attorney. (Click here for examples: avvo.com, where I, Timothy C. Springer am recognized as a top contributor in answering bankruptcy questions) While I still stand by the basic statement that EXPERIENCE in Bankruptcy Law is important, it has come to my attention that maybe that simple statement is not enough. As an example, someone may have years of experience filing the minimal paperwork, but if something goes wrong with your case, do they know how to handle THAT? And THAT is what I mean by experience. I want to make sure you are properly educated. and have the proper information to make an informed decision. So, here are a few additional things to look for when shopping for a bankruptcy attorney: If you see a site advertising low prices to get your attention, look for what I call weasel words like Starting at or From that low price, because if you see those words it is VERY possible that the price will be higher when you get to their office. Ask if that low advertised price includes the court filing fee. ($335.00 for Chapter 7, and $310.00 for Chapter 13) Make sure they are local to Fresno. (Not Los Angeles, or Bay Area) Make sure the person you are talking to for advice is an actual licensed attorney, NOT an un-licensed office minion claiming to have legal experience. It is okay for an office assistant to take your basic information, (like name and address) to open your file, but if you have a legal question the licensed attorney should be available, and there to answer that question. If not dont just walk awayRUN. You should INSIST answers to your legal questions come from a licensed attorney. After filing many people have further questions about their case, or what things mean at various stages of the process. Ask if you will be charged for phone calls if you later have questions. Does that basic low advertised price include the counseling sessions, (there are 2 of them you have to do), or are you going to have to pay extra for those yourself? Ask what happens if a creditor objects to your discharge. Will that be that included, or will handling that be extra? If you are going to keep a car you are making payments on, will they represent you with the creditor, and appear at the possible hearing to reaffirm the debt, or will you have to go in front of the judge by yourself? If they appear is that included, or will that be extra? If a creditor has recorded a judgment on your home, what are they going to charge you to remove that lien?   _    

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